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Recipe List

Apple Crumble Pancakes

These pancakes are delicious and really capture the essence of a good old traditional apple crumble, with a modern twist. We love the contrast of the lightly spiced cooked apple with the crunch of the crumble topping and the creaminess of the mascarpone.

Avocado Chocolate Mousse on Vegan Minis

We love that we have pancakes to suit everyone, and we are particularly proud of these wee vegan minis that bring sunshine to our egg-free, dairy-free and vegan friends. We’ve whipped up the silkiest, most luscious avocado chocolate mousse, sprinkled over some dark chocolate for some texture and decorated them with the prettiest little flowers for some extra sunshine. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do, whether you are vegan or not.

Banana, Caramel & Bacon Pancakes

Something magical happens when you cook bananas in butter. Their flavour sweetens and intensifies, resulting in a deliciously morish pancake topping! But the deliciousness doesn’t stop there. We’ve taken the magic a step further, turning the butter left-over from cooking the bananas into a silky-smooth caramel sauce. Drizzle this over your banana pancakes and then top with crunchy bacon bits and you’ve got a breakfast you’re not just going to love, but that you’ll want to share with family and friends. Again. And again. And again!

Banoffee Mini Pancakes

These banoffee mini pancakes are an office favourite at Marcel's. It only takes minutes to make these bite-sized treats - so you can make them just as fast as you’ll be eating them!

Black Doris Plum & Vanilla Bean Ice Cream Pancakes

Tinned black doris plums are a thing of wonder! Not only are they the most wonderful colour, but they also have the most delicious sweet, yet slightly tart flavour. Summer in a can! They are the star of this recipe which can be thrown together in no time at all and yet result in a pretty fancy breakfast! Who would have thought you could make something so flash with just 4 ingredients!

Blini Sharing Platter

This blini sharing platter provides inspiration more than an exact recipe. Here we have arranged salmon, a creamy crème fraiche dip, boiled eggs and lots of fresh in-season vegetables, alongside our tasty little blini. We think it makes a wonderful brunch platter but you could add cheeses, pickles and pate for more of an evening platter. For a vegan option, use our Plant-Powered Petite Pancakes.

Blue Cheese, Walnut & Pear Blinis

Getting fancy for your dinner guests has never been easier!

Boysenberry Lemon & Ricotta Pancakes

It doesn’t get better than fresh fruit, maple syrup and pancakes. Add a bit of ricotta or yoghurt for a creamy hit to complement the fruit. Delish!

Brown Sugar Fried Apple & Walnut Crepes

Decadent breakfast or quick dessert? We’ll let you decide but either way we know you’ll love this autumnal offering which combines brown sugar fried apples with crunchy walnuts, our much-loved sweet crepes or gluten free crepes and a scoop or two of vanilla bean ice cream. Best enjoyed curled up by the fire with a hot cup of coffee.

Candied Apple Pancakes

There's no better way to put apples to use!

Caramel Ginger Pancake Stack

If you love ginger than this one is for you!

Chicken, Date, Red Onion & Coriander Blini

Our blinis make party food easy without compromising on taste and quality. In this recipe we combine chicken with red onion, coriander, crunchy almonds and sweet dates, creating lovely little bites of deliciousness that are so tasty they’ll have your guests asking for the recipe! If you can’t find micro greens to garnish your blini then roughly chop some parsley and scatter this over the blini instead.

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