Item List

Banoffee mini pancake bites

We think this our simplist, most mouth-watering recipe. It only takes seconds to make these bite-sized treat - so you can make them just as fast as you’ll be eating them!

Boysenberry lemon and ricotta (or yoghurt)

It doesn’t get a lot better than fresh fruit, maple syrup and pancakes. Add a bit of ricotta or yoghurt for a creamy hit to complement the fruit. Delish!

Candied Apple Pancakes

There's no better way to put apples to use!

Caramel apple pancakes

Let the dried apples add a touch of style to your next breakfast. The rest is easy!

Chocolate cheesecake pancakes

Cream cheese, chocolate and caramel? Yes please.

Chocolate fondue pancake sharing platter

Want an easy way to entertain a bunch of friends (or kids!)? This sharing platter has a great
balance of fresh fruit, chocolate, and marshmellows for those with a sweet tooth. Also, who
doesn’t love a good chocolate dip?

Chocolate peanut butter and fruit bites

Ready in seconds! Spread some Pic’s Peanut Chocolate Butter and your choice of fruit and voila - a quick tasty snack that will be snapped up by any member of the family.

Classic ham and cheese crepe

It may be the most simple, yet satisfying recipe on our list - the classic ham and cheese crepe. Using our gluten free crepes, they're even easier!

Creamy chicken and mushroom crepes

Need a quick lunch, dinner or snack? Try our quick and easy chicken and mushroom crepes.

Creme brulee pancakes

Get a little fancy with almost no effort!

Crispy duck and shiitake mushrooms crepe platter

This hors d'oeuvre is sure to impress guests at your next gathering.

Crispy fried chicken pancakes

This is easily one of our favourite recipes - and it’s so easy! Pick up some frozen chicken or make it yourself, mix some mayo and maple and you’re off the races with a cafe-quality
breakfast, brunch or dinner!