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Banoffee Mini Pancake Bites

We think this our simplist, most mouth-watering recipe. It only takes seconds to make these bite-sized treat - so you can make them just as fast as you’ll be eating them!

Boysenberry lemon and ricotta (or yoghurt)

It doesn’t get a lot better than fresh fruit, maple syrup and pancakes. Add a bit of ricotta or yoghurt for a creamy hit to complement the fruit. Delish!

Chocolate fondue pancake sharing platter

Want an easy way to entertain a bunch of friends (or kids!)? This sharing platter has a great
balance of fresh fruit, chocolate, and marshmellows for those with a sweet tooth. Also, who
doesn’t love a good chocolate dip?

Chocolate peanut butter and fruit bites

Ready in seconds! Spread some Pic’s Peanut Chocolate Butter and your choice of fruit and voila - a quick tasty snack that will be snapped up by any member of the family.

Crispy fried chicken pancakes

This is easily one of our favourite recipes - and it’s so easy! Pick up some frozen chicken or make it yourself, mix some mayo and maple and you’re off the races with a cafe-quality
breakfast, brunch or dinner!

Ice cream crepe roll up

WOW your friends and family with a unique and delicious dessert (or breakfast) that takes only minutes to prepare! Use either our gluten free crepes or our sweet crepes - just choose your favourite ice cream!

Kumera rosti and chutney minis

A saucy and satisfying entree, perfect for pre-dinner nibbles or snack. This recipe is vegan-friendly if using our Petite Plant-Powered Pancakes.

Orange passionfruit and cream crepes

This fresh and simple breakfast is a great way to start the day - perfect on a warm spring or summer morning.

Peaches and Cream Pancakes

Choose between cream or mascarpone for this classic breakfast dish. Add a little flair with a sprinkling of fresh thyme which goes perfectly with peaches!

Quick salsa blinis

Make a statement at your next cocktail party, dinner or afternoon tea with these Mexican￾inspried delights. They’re super quick to prepare and super tasty to eat!

Smoked salmon blinis

A classic for caterers and a favourite at dinner parties. Salmon blinis are a bite-sized treat that add flair and sophostication at your next event.