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Creative Gluten Free Dishes

Our gluten free crepes are super versatile.  Due to their low sugar content, they can be used for both sweet AND savoury dishes.  We have pulled together some creative ideas as to how you could dish up our delicious crepes!


Use as a pastry or pasta substitute  

Our gluten free crepes can be used as a pastry or pasta substitute for some of your favourite dishes.  You could layer them up in a lasagna, roll them to make cannelloni or put them in a muffin tray and make mini quiches – just to name a few ideas.


Make a cake

For people who have a gluten free diet, birthdays or special celebrations can be tricky to navigate…… until you make a cake out crepes!  This looks absolutely delicious and is easy to make.  Simply layer the crepes up with mascarpone in the middle, mixed with whatever flavour sauce, essence or fruit that you like, for example, strawberry sauce, squeezed lemon juice, vanilla essence etc.  Top with whipped cream and fresh fruit – easy as!


Endless meal options

Using our crepes to make a savoury meal results in a great lunch or dinner option.  The team at Marcel’s have loads of meal ideas for our gluten free friends and restaurant/café clients.  Here are a few of our favourites to get you started – remembering you can swap out different meats, vegetables and sauces with all these recipes. 

-          Creamy chicken and mushroom

-          Quesadillas 

-          Duck with hoisin sauce


Fantastic Finger Food 

Have you thought about rolling our crepes?  This opens the door to endless finger food options.  Rolling the crepes and cutting them into bite-sized pieces creates a quick and easy dish that will be a favourite at your next dinner party or event.  We have used chicken and mayo as an example, but you could use any savoury or sweet filling you like.


A delicious dessert


Our gluten free crepes are low in sugar, which means you can add as many treats on top as you like without it tasting too sweet.  You could go traditional with berries and chocolate sauce or lemon and sugar.   Or you could step it up a notch with fried apple and walnuts with ice cream or  a banoffee sauce with banana and grated chocolate.  Whichever way you go, it will be a winner!


Where to buy our Gluten Free Crepes?

You can find our Ooh La La Gluten Free Crepes in New Zealand, at either Woolworths (in-store bakery section) or New World supermarkets (freezer section).

If you are a food service business please visit for more information.


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