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Delicious, Low-cost Recipes for Kitchens

Simple pancake and crepe recipes can be satisfying (and affordable) for kitchens that are looking for low cost serving ideas. This list highlights a few options for those wanting to save time and money without compromising quality!

Our pancakes and crepes are deliciously light and fluffy and are ready to heat from frozen - saving your kitchen time and money.

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1) Strawberry and nutella crepes

This gooey option is a real crowd-pleaser and looks nice on the plate. Grab some fresh or frozen strawberries, add a healthy amount of nutella and serve!

2) Peaches and cream pancakes

It's almost ridiculous how easy these are - toast, oven warm or bain marie our pancakes, add fresh or canned peaches and a dollop of cream. Done! Read the full recipe here.

3) Creamy chicken and mushroom crepes

This serving is another simple classic that warms and fills bellies! Use mushroom soup, pulled chicken and mushrooms to make a quick and delicious lunch or afternoon snack. Read the full recipe here.

4) Boysenberry lemon and ricotta (or yoghurt)

Using frozen fruit gives you so many options with our pancakes or crepes - this one pairing boysenberry and ricotta (or yoghurt) for a simple breakfast or morning tea. Read the full recipe here.

5) Classic ham and cheese crepe

One that can be whipped up in minutes! It's a classic for a reason. The best part? Our crepes can be prepared from frozen - meaning no wastage and no mess. Just warm and serve. Better yet? There's a gluten free option available!

6) Orange passionfruit and cream crepes

That's right! Another easy fruit option that you can't go wrong with - especially on a warm day. Oranges and mandarins give this serving a light and juicy feel with a light and fluffy crepe to complement. Read the full recipe here.

Want to enquire about our food service prices? Email to get in touch with our team. All of our products are delivered frozen!


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