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Pancake stacks: Recipe ideas for a yummy weekend treat

Who doesn't love a big stack of pancakes? Remove the fuss of making pancakes by buying Marcel's - then have fun with your favourite toppings! See a few of our favourite ideas below.


1. Crispy fried chicken pancakes

Forget chicken and waffles - it's a light and fluffy pancake that loves fried chicken!

Find our Happy Pancakes and some frozen fried chicken (we love Rangitikei buttermilk tenderloins) or make your own - there's a bunch of recipes out there - and you're half way there!

The thing that makes this work is the maple/mayo sauce. We HIGHLY encourage trying this one.

Find the full recipe here.


2. Peaches and cream pancakes

This is an easy way to feed family or friends - just slice some peaches (or buy a can - we're not judging!) and dollop some cream, maple and thyme for finesse.

Swap out the peaches for pears, mandarin segments or a can of fruit salad to mix it up.

Find the recipe here.


3. Boysenberry lemon and ricotta (or yoghurt)

This is another spin on a fruit pancake stack but with ricotta as the complementary dollop. It's fresh, unique and will keep a crowd happy! If the ricotta isn't to your liking swap it out for greek yoghurt.

Find the recipe here.


4. Espresso & chocolate ice cream pancakes

Get the weekend off to a racing start with a shot of coffee, pancakes and ice cream! Perfect for a warm morning with a full day ahead.

Find the recipe here.


Find all of our recipes here or find your local stockists using our store locator.

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