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Marcel’s & Onetai Banoffee Pancakes

We love teaming up with New Zealand brands and this collab is no exception. We have taken our light fluffy pancakes and dressed them up with an irresistible combination of Onetai Banoffee sauce, banana, cream and chopped chocolate. This recipe is quick and easy to prepare and will impress any guest. Enjoy!


Serves 4


Softly whip the cream and set aside. Slice the bananas in long thin strips on the diagonal. Heat the pancakes as per the packet instructions. Arrange a pancake on each plate. Drizzle over some banoffee sauce, followed by slices of banana. Dollop some whipped cream between the banana slices then sprinkle over a little chocolate. Repeat this on the next layer. Lastly put the top pancakes on the stack, dollop on some cream and arrange two smaller banana slices on top of this. Drizzle over some banoffee sauce followed by another sprinkle of chocolate. Serve immediately.

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