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Kiwifruit & Mint Salsa on Petite Pancakes

Kiwifruit, mint and lime are a match made in heaven and when piled onto our Petite Happy Pancakes they make fantastic finger food. Zesty, bright green and packed with flavour they make the most of in-season kiwifruit and lime and make a pretty addition to your party fare.


Serves 8 people

  • 450g ripe but firm kiwifruit, peeled, finely diced

  • 15 large mint leaves, shredded

  • Zest 1 lime + 2 teaspoons juice

  • 1-2 tablespoons sugar

  • 1 x packet Petite Happy Pancakes


Put the diced kiwifruit into a bowl along with the mint, lime zest and juice. Add 1 tablespoon of sugar, mix well and then taste. How much sugar you will need depends on the ripeness of your kiwifruit. Add more sugar, tasting as you go, until it reaches your desired sweetness.

Arrange the petite pancakes on a plate, top with the kiwifruit salsa and serve immediately to avoid the pancakes going soggy.

This kiwifruit salsa would be delicious served with our pancakes or crepes too along with a generous dollop of coconut yoghurt.

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