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Top 5 Mother's Day Recipes

Are you ready to treat your mum to a delicious breakfast, morning tea or brunch?

Marcel's has got you covered, from plain and petite to gluten free and vegan. All you need to do is add toppings.

We've compiled our favourite recipes for mum - we've even got savoury options!


#1 Apple Crumble Pancakes 

We've taken the traditional apple crumble and given it a modern twist using our pancakes.

Click here to find the full recipe.


#2 Breakfast Crepes

Using our Plain & Gluten Free crepes, anything is possible! Add scrambled eggs, chorizo and salad and you'll have a fancy, yet simple, breakfast feast.

Find the full recipe here.


#3 Passionfruit & Lime Mini Pancakes

Or you could go with in-season fruit and make a tasty snack. Our Passionfruit and Lime Mini's can be made with our petite or vegan pancakes.

Click here to view the full recipe.


#4 Pancake Breakfast Platter 

You can't go wrong with a platter full of pancakes and a selection of Mum's favourite breakfast toppings.


#5 Berry Pancakes


Finally, there is always the traditional berries and cream on a pancake stack, or alternatively you can use our crepes.  

Click here to find the recipes.


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