Kumera rosti and chutney minis

A saucy and satisfying entree, perfect for pre-dinner nibbles or snack. This recipe is vegan-friendly if using our Petite Plant-Powered Pancakes.


  • Marcel’s Petite Plant-Powered Pancakes, Fancy Blinis or Petite Happy Pancakes

  • Store bought kumara rosti (available in the freezer section at the supermarket)

  • Any sweet chutney or relish - eg. Capsicum & Apricot chutney, Tomato relish, Beetroot chutney

  • Avocado, whipped with a fork

  • Fresh herbs, chopped - eg. chives, coriander, basil


1. Cook kumara rosti according to the instructions on the packet, and cut into quarters or a size small enough to fit on a petite pancake.

2. Smear chutney over each pancake, and top with a wedge of kumara rosti, and a dollop of whipped avocado.

3. Sprinkle over fresh herbs, and enjoy!