Fresh fruit and chocolate mousse party pancakes

A fresh and fruit appetiser sure to put smiles on faces


  • 1x Marcel's Petite Pancakes 24pk or Plant-Powered Petite Pancakes 24pk

  • Chocolate Mousse 400g

  • Mango Mascarpone 200g

  • Mixed Berry Compote 200g

  • Coconut Chips 200g

  • Fresh fruits of your choice (orange, kiwifruit, dragonfruit etc.) 400g

  • Dehydrated Raspberries 50g


Lay Marcel's Petite Pancakes out on a platter ready to add toppings.
To assemble, quenelle chocolate mousse on pancakes, sprinkle with raspberry powder and top with chocolate decoration
Spread mango mascarpone on pancakes and assemble on top with fresh fruits of your choice
Lastly, spread berry coulis on pancakes, top with coconut chips.